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  • Feeling Confident with my Stun Gun

    Last week I was headed out to meet my friends for a Christmas party.  I get in my car and it makes an awful noise!  It won't start! I was so angry.  Why do these things always happen at the worst times? I was able to get it jump started and found a place still open that sold car batteries.

    Now, this area of town wasn't the best.  It was late. It was dark, and there was a sketchy bar right next door.  Questionable cars with tinted windows were driving around slowly.  I'm not going to lie.  I felt like a target.  Here I was, all dressed up and ready for a party, standing outside in the cold getting my car battery replaced.

    Then I remembered my stun gun in my purse.  I love this pink one that I own.  Many people don't carry a stun gun, even though they should.  The element of surprise is a great thing, and most attackers would not be expecting it.  I breathed a little easier knowing I had my stun gun with me.  Did I have to use it? No, but it certainly made me feel more safe.

    If pink isn't your jam, we have other colors,  styles, and sizes to suit your fancy.  You can see all of our stun guns here.

    Do you have a stun gun? If not, you should.  Non-lethal self defense products may be the game changer for you.



  • What Could Have Been Done?

    It happens far too often--I wake up, turn on my phone to catch the morning news articles, and I see it.  An innocent person was robbed, a student was raped while walking home from a night class, or a jealous ex-boyfriend attacked his former girlfriend.   No one thinks this will ever happen to them.  "What could have done," they ask?  Thankfully, there are many things we can carry with us to protect ourselves and give us a chance to get out of a scary situation.

    One item I want to highlight today is pepper spray.  You don't have to be close to your attacker for it to be effective, and it will allow you time to run and get help.  There are different strengths and styles I carry to fit anyone's taste.  Please look here to see all pepper sprays that I carry.

    Have you ever used pepper spray?  What are some of your concerns with using it?  Let me know if you have any questions.  I am here to help you!

    Stay safe,





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